All our technicians have attempted Westfield's
training program with unparalleled determination.


All our technicians have attempted westfield training program with unparallel determination. They regularly visit the site areas making them a favourite of many companies. They are known to often construct cordial association with their clientele and they reciprocate equally by much appriciation for the meticulous way they carry out inspection, their handy sunggestion and the execution of any indespensable cure.

Undergone agricultural and entomological traning and study at:


Lastly, we have our diligent Technical Managers who support our service technicians by thoroughly inspecting your property that includes deep assessment of your production processes and pest risks. These esteemed managers are well qualified with apt degrees and proper training from our side in their respective areas of expertise. They are experts in carrying out detailed investigations to get to the root cause of any problems you may be experiencing and making highly practical recommendations to deal with the situation. They are particularly valued by companies in the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical production industries, providing a level of protection and reassurance unavailable elsewhere.

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